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Shredded Animal Bedding From Green Stables

 cardboard horse bedding suppliers uk

About Green Stables and our cardboard animal bedding.

Corrugated cardboard is ideal as animal bedding and for poultry and game rearing.

We supply customers across North Wales, the Wirral and Cheshire with the finest quality cardboard horse and animal bedding. We offer free delivery on orders over 20 bales, please call us for details

Green Stables has been involved in the cardboard industry for a long time and has built strong, trusted relationships with their cardboard suppliers.

Green Stables manufactures and supplies virtually dust free animal bedding made from clean, recycled shredded cardboard. Our animal bedding is available throughout the year.

Green Stables deliver virtually dust free animal bedding throughout the United Kingdom and has an outlet where visitors are welcome to collect their orders based in North Wales.

About Our Animal Bedding

The animal yard or stall is very important for large animals just as a cage is important to smaller animals. It is where they eat, where they are bathed and where they live. Providing a safe yard, stall or cage for animals includes their health and green stables cardboard horse bedding is the first place to begin.

Animals as well as humans can suffer from respiratory problems. The use of sawdust, rice hull and wood shavings for horse stalls and other conventional bedding are ascociated with a multitude of problems.

The problems associated with more traditional beddings are increased infections to wounds, restricted airways and environmental impact.

cardboard horse bedding from the green stables is  ecologically friendly

There are many advantages to using cardboard for animal and horse bedding besides reduced infections, reduction of respiratory disease and related problems. The cardboard is far more absorbent than other materials and can absorb up to three times its own weight. It lasts longer than conventional bedding and leaves no ammonia smell.

The disposal of gree stables animal and horse bedding is another benefit. After use it can be added to the garden as a mulch for fertilizer. Your supplies of green stables animal bedding is so economical, clean and environmentally friendly that it can even be used for gardening.

the following reasons:

  1. Won't block animal's airways.
  2. Will help avoid infection.
  3. Environmentally friendly.
  4. Soaks up to "three times its weight".
  5. Lasts longer.
  6. No ammonia smell.

We firmly believes this product is the best quality bedding available for horses and other animals that is available on the market today. With its low cost , eco-friendly and healthy benefits, it makes sense to switch to green stables animal bedding today. Call us for more details.